Autism Family Support Annual Evaluation - give your feedback!

We have received the following email from Autism Family Support:

Please give us your feedback!
Annual Evaluation

Another year has passed and we are keen to ask for your feedback on our service, and suggestions on local services for autism.

It’s so important and useful that we receive feedback from you ALL – to gather wide representation of families living with autism in Oxfordshire.
So, we kindly ask that you please complete our short survey – whether you have received a service from us recently – or not.

The online survey has 14 questions and will take a moment of your time …… but will help us tremendously!

As well as helping us plan our services and projects, the survey will help us to report to funders – so your response is REALLY valuable, in every sense. We feel our work is generally well valued by families – but we need your feedback to evidence how valuable are work is, and to highlight areas of improvement.

To complete the short survey, please go to:

With many thanks

Best wishes

Judith Payne
(term time Mon-Wed 8:30am-4:30pm)
c/o Thomley Hall Centre, Menmarsh Road, Worminghall, HP18 9JZ
T: 01844 338696