Autistic Pride Day, Reading on June 10th

Autistic Pride in Reading have a Facebook Page so you can like them and follow the activities they are doing.

The big event will be on June 10th.

So… quick update!
At this year’s Autistic Pride we will be having a bouncy castle and slide PLUS a disco globe. The disco globe we can use as an extra sensory place, and to make it more accessible we won’t use the actual “disco” bit - ie we’ll use it without the sound. So it will be lovely to be in with sparkling lights.

As usual, it will be a low smell/low noise environment, but please do be aware the clubhouse has neon bulbs.

We are also welcoming back Parents with Special Children, RAFT and Swings and Smiles will bring their sensory equipment to play with. If any autism positive business/group would like a stall then please do get in touch.

We also looking at ways of having a games tent/area with xboxes, but it’s proving tricky… To do this we might need to move where our speakers talk which might also be tricky. Fingers crossed we can solve this! Any ideas, please do PM us!

Looking forward to seeing you all there, and as usual, please share and share xxxx