Building Websites on Wordpress Course

We’re aware that there are many smaller organisations in the county that support people with learning disabilities that don’t have websites. For these organisations the following online course being run by Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Action may be of interest:

Using to Publish Websites

This course will outline how to use WordPress.Com to publish web content for your non-profit or voluntary group.

OCVA has selected to focus on for these reasons:

  • You don’t have to install or maintain anything (unlike with
  • It’s free to build a simple site with a lot of the functionality non-profit and voluntary groups will need
  • You can upgrade as you go and as budget allows at any time
  • You don’t need to code anything or write any HTML or CSS
  • You can use it with average IT ability
  • The back-end code it produces is comparatively ‘clean’ and this makes your compliance with accessibility law easier

There are hundreds of different website builders. There are also free tips and videos about WordPress online, but many of them (if not all) are about Most support websites about WordPress are also about the .org version; not the .com version. This course not only gives you walk-through guidance about, but it also begins with an overview on building websites for success.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify different approaches to a web project plan to get you started
  • Explain key aspects in planning a web project around what “success” will mean for your users and for you through a tried and tested five-step method
  • Start using
  • Explain how responsive design templates work and why to use them
  • Employ some best practice for usability, accessibility and EU legal compliance
  • Who should use it

This course is aimed at those who are new or almost new to building websites but feel ready to take on that task, and / or new to

Full details of the course and the trainer can be found here:

If you do decide to do the course, or if you use WordPress already, there are a few people within the our LDOX.Org community who might be able to help if you face any difficulties. Please just yell.

Thanks for the information!

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