Changes to Inpatient Learning Disability Services

Continuing the discussion from Changes to In-patient services in Southern Health for Oxfordshire Families:

LDOX indirectly received the following communication from Southern Health about these changes:

"I am writing to let you know that we plan to make changes to how we provide inpatient care for people with a learning disability living in Oxfordshire

In the coming months, community and inpatient learning disability services are changing across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. You will be aware that all efforts are in place to enable individuals to be treated safely in the community where at all possible and only require inpatient care when absolutely necessary.

These wider changes will however have an impact on our inpatient facility, The Ridgeway Centre. As a result, Southern Health believes that inpatient care, where needed, would be better provided at alternative units (within a reasonable distance) and The Ridgeway Centre in High Wycombe would close.

I attach an electronic version of an A5 booklet which we have sent to Oxfordshire service users, families and carers that explains the main reasons we want to change the way we provide inpatient care and what these changes would look like. The Ridgeway Centre Booklet 08.06.16

I also attach an Easy Read information sheet which was sent with the booklet to the people we look after. Later this month, we are also hosting a meeting for the small number of Oxfordshire patients (and their carers) who have used The Ridgeway Centre in the past year. There are no current patients from Oxfordshire using the service.
RWC document - Oxon EASY READ

Importantly, the number of learning disability inpatient beds being commissioned and provided for Oxfordshire patients will remain unchanged. The proposed change is simply where these beds will be provided in the future, to ensure the safest and best possible care for the people of Oxfordshire when they need a specialist inpatient stay.

If you would like to discuss the planned changes, arrange a bespoke meeting or if you have any questions, please call me on 01865 228090.

Kind regards,

Donna Schell

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Learning Disability Services

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust"