Getting ready for a MRI scan

Hi, I wanted to share 2 resources which could be really useful if you are going to have a MRI scan in hospital.
The first is a free interactive app which you can download from iTunes and Google Play, it lets you see and hear what a MRI scan is like, MRI app.
The other is a video which tells you about having a MRI scan.

Thank you,
Stephanie Ross,
Learning Disability Liaison Nurse, OUH NHS Foundation Trust

Thanks Stephanie, what a great resource!

Hi Stephanie helpful video having a younger person having the scan might have been helpful.

Also in the event of a head scan wearing the head cover is a bit scary and so including that could also be helpful in particular for people who are learning disabled graphics are more helpful than text.

Thanks Vicki

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Thanks Vicki for your helpful comments, much appreciated.
best wishes,