Grants Available


I have been asked to share details of this fund as it is believed that this group or members of this group may be eligible and they are keen to make sure it is put to good use.
"Oxfordshire County Council has made changes to daytime support for people aged
18 and over in Oxfordshire. These changes reflect a changing demand for social
care and a changing approach to government funding. The Council wishes to work
closely with local communities to ensure that the support available for people meets
varied and changing needs and is fit for the future and sustainable over the longer
Further information about these funds is available on the council website:

The Innovation Fund

As part of the changes that have taken place, the Council has introduced the
Innovation Fund for daytime support. This fund will provide one-off funding to support
the development of self-sustaining projects, delivering new opportunities for adults in
This application process is for grant funding in 2018/19, to support new and
innovative ideas in Oxfordshire for daytime support. There is £100,000 available in
this fund and we are inviting bids for projects."

I have a 13 page document that I am happy to share with any interested parties (I don’t seem to be able to attach here unfortunately) please let me know.


Hi DebbieB, if you mail the document to, we will be able to upload it for you.

Thanks for sharing.


Hi Debbie, would like to have the document if possible?