Lets Go-Oxon Launching and looking for volunteers with learning disabilities

We open 3rd August 2015 and we are looking forward to be able to provide activities Monday to Friday and I wanting to do Saturday Club.

Age 16 and over, we provide personalise day service during the week and Saturday Club I am open to having sport club or just allowing the young people to run it.

I am looking for two volunteers with learning disability who may like to help/run the Saturday Club and would be up for meeting myself to plan some activities for August.

We are going to be base in Merton Village Hall only 20-25 min from Oxford by car and 10-15 min from Bicester by car. There limited public transport but if we know people are coming and they have issues with travelling we will try our best to help.

We have places for September, if son or daughter going to college and on their day off would like to come to us we be very happy to help.

Our website will be live on Friday I am working very hard to get this up and running. In the mean time if you have any questions please contact me via this website or michelle@letsgo-oxon.com

Thanks again


Thanks Michelle, sounds like a great opportunity for people with learning disabilities.