My Life My Choice needs your vote... again!

My Life My Choice have applied to Aviva’s Community Fund for £4800 to help support the StingRay nightclub for people with learning disabilities for 12 months.

As some of you will remember, last year they managed to get funding by getting loads of votes. This year StingRay needs the extra money again to keep it going. VOTING IS NOW OPEN.

What you need to do:

• Follow this link

If you voted last year then log-in with your remembered password or request a new password if you or your technical gadget have forgotten.

If you didn’t vote last year then please register – this is quick and reasonably pain free.

Vote for the StingRay Nightclub! You get 10 votes and you can use them all for My Life My Choice – please do this.

Please pass this invite on to friends, family….anyone you think who might vote for them.

They’re going to need a few thousand votes (that’s approx. 300-400 voters) to get StingRay funded. So please vote, and get friends and family to vote too.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks to everyone who voted - My Life My Choice is one of the winners of the 2017 Aviva Awards!

This means they will get £4800 to help support Stingray nightclub.

Find out more here:

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