Radio 4 is examining what is happening under transforming care Agenda

Radio 4 is doing a series called File on Four. This programme is examining whether Transforming Care is delivering good care in the community and if disabled people are living well in their communities.
They are looking for:

  1. A family who is struggling now. They are interested in what is missing from their package, and those who are living in fear of the next crisis.
  2. Someone who is trying to fight to get good support to live in the community but is finding it really hard.
    if you can please ring Sally on 07834158429 - day time, evenings and weekends, whatever suits.
    She needs to hear from people by mid of next week at the latest

Dear All,
I am a radio producer with the BBC hoping for some help with a documentary I am making, please.
The programme I work for is called File on 4. It is an investigative current affairs series which goes out on Radio 4 at 8pm on a Tuesday and is repeated at 5pm on a Sunday. The editions then stay online permanently.
On Tuesday 13 September we are examining what is happening under the Transforming Care agenda to improve care and support for people with learning disabilities to live well in the community. We would very much like your help in understanding what people are experiencing, please.
We are interviewing a family that is fighting to get their young person out of an ATU a long way from home. Their story will reflect the struggle that we hear many families are facing with delays to discharges and failures to agree the care package that will properly support the person who needs it.
As well as the situation facing those who have loved ones in ATUs, we very much want to report the experiences of those coping in with children (of whatever age) at home. We understand from the excellent report that Bringing Us Together has produced that many people are coping in extremely difficult circumstances. Would you be willing to tell us your story please if this applies to you? We are interested in reporting situations where people have had care packages cut because of local authority budget tightening. Someone has said to me that small cuts to care make a massive difference to parents trying to hold things together at home. If this is right, we are looking to speak to families who can tell us about the care they have and the extent it meets their needs or is leading to crises.
I’ve been told that some parents live in fear of their child tipping into crisis because of the lack of support/services which will mean they could then be among those waiting in ATUs. Is this something that worries parents?
Another area of concern we are exploring is about how people with learning disabilities are coping in their own accommodation. What is your experience of independent supported living packages and residential schemes? We have been told of one situation where a young person couldn’t go out of their flat because they didn’t have the right support, making them a prisoner in their own home. We are interested to know if this has happened elsewhere.
If you are interested in taking part in the programme we would need to visit you to record an interview about the details of your situation. It is a recorded interview, not live with me and/or my colleague Jane. Where possible we want to hear from the person with learning disabilities at the heart of your family. It feels important that their voices are included in the programme. Give me a call if you want to know more about what it would entail or drop me an email with a convenient time and I will ring you.
Thanks for considering this and hope to hear from you.
With best wishes,
Sally Chesworth| Producer | BBC Radio Current Affairs
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Hi, is this information being shared on the Bringing Us Together site also?

I will make sure that it is shared via the National Valuing Families Forum and also the regional families forum and regional self advocacy forum.