Reminder about Consultation from OCC on Community Care Charges

You can find the details of this consultation by following this link, so you can respond online or post your comments.Also, there are three public meetings in different parts of the county.
The deadline is 20th March.

The proposed changes aim to:

ensure a fairer and more consistent approach to assessing the financial contributions made by individuals towards the cost of the social care services they receive
simplify the financial assessment to make this a shorter and less invasive process
better align the charging arrangements with the guidance on charging in the Care Act 2014
enable the council to recover the actual cost of providing these services to people in Oxfordshire
support the financial sustainability of adult social care, ensuring that frontline services for the most vulnerable are protected

Has anyone worked out the effect of these proposed changes on the finances of people with learning disabilities?

Are any of the organisations supporting people with learning disabilities responding to this consultation? If so, what are you saying?

It takes a lot of work to respond to such a consultation and if we could share the points we are making, we could provide a stronger voice for the interests of people with learning disabilities.

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