Reminder- Full Council Meeting on the Cuts 16th February at 10am

Just a reminder that the County Council meeting on February 16th will take place at 10am.

This is a meeting of all the county councillors to vote on the County Council Budget.

There will be another lobby outside before the Council Meeting from 9am.

As you are probably aware, the County Council have been asked to make an additional £20m of savings, on top of the £52m cuts they had been initially requested to make.

Services will be affected for both children and adults if these cuts are approved- the Childrens’ Centres being affected plus proposals to make savings on respite care, day services run by voluntary sector groups, and day services for elderly people, to name a few.
There is a proposal to introduce a Social Impact Bond to make savings by bringing people with learning disabilities back into county if they are in residential care elsewhere, plus an exploration of how OCC can make savings on the Resource Allocation System, that will affect all adults who use social care services.
Please write to your county councillor, to let them know how you feel about the cuts and also to let them know about how you feel about paying an increase in council tax in order to preserve services.
Information about the County Council Budget proposals are on the Oxfordshire Council website.

Please join the lobby and please let the county councillors know of any concerns you have before the deadline on 16th February, when the final vote takes place.