Safe Places Launched in Thame Today

Safe Places have been rolled out in Thame today.There is a great sense of community there and local shops and community centres are taking part in this simple scheme. Safe Places can be located by the colourful stickers in the windows of local participating places.
We were also there, giving out “I need help” cards that people with learning disabilities or other vulnerable people can use to take to the Safe Place, to ask for support.They will be supported by the Safe Place, until a trusted supporter or family member is contacted and arrives for them.If a crime has been committed, such as a hate crime, the police will be contacted, or if people need health or social care services, shops are trained to know how to make contact with these services.
To find out where the Safe Places are in Thame, you can contact the South and Vale District Council where they are shown on the map, or you can download the Safe Places app to your phone, which will also show where they are.
The scheme has also been rolled out in the West Oxfordshire District Council area.

BBC Oxfordshire did some filming today, as did That’s Oxfordshire TV, so look out for the news item on TV to find out more.
A big thanks you to all the Safe Places in Thame.Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and the Coop, Who’s Cooking and the local Library and Town Hall are amongst those who volunteered to support us.You can also find 3 Safe Places in Chinnor, including the Chinnor Village Community Centre.