Save the Date for our local Transforming Care Programme Event May 23rd

Please hold the date for Monday May 23rd from 10am until 2-30pm to join in our workshop on the Oxfordshire Transforming Care Plan.This day is funded by Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

This will be held at CMS (close to Lidl)
CMS Watlington Road OXFORD OX4 6BZ

This day will be your opportunity to find out about the Oxfordshire Transforming Care Plan and to help us work on the priorities for the coming year for this and the actions we would like to work on together.
The Transforming Care Programme nationally is a the response to the challenges faced by people with learning disabilities, autism,mental health needs or behaviours that challenge who have been in assessment and treatment units or secure units, following the abuse at Winterbourne View and locally, the preventable death of Connor Sparrowhawk.
The Oxfordshire Transforming Care Programme Plan is the local plan to develop alternatives to ATUs and secure units and where people need such support, to provide services that are of high quality and that enable people to move back into the community as soon as possible.

The day will be aimed at people with learning disabilities and family carers- we want to hear your views.

This will have a different focus to the regional event on May 19th in London, which will look at plans across the region, and at peer support and advocacy support.

If you would like to join us, please mail: or call 07596 784 947.