Style Acre rate 'Outstanding' by CQC

Style Acre is delighted to announce our outstanding rating after our recent 3-day inspection.

Less than 2% of adult social care services nationally have achieved the ‘Outstanding’ rating and Style Acre is the first organisation providing services to people with a learning disability in Oxfordshire in 4 of the 5 areas inspected and is a huge achievement for Style Acre, and recognition of the hard work and dedication of its staff.

In the report, the inspectors comment: “Without exception people spoke positively about their experience of the service and the successes they had been supported to achieve. It was clear the culture within the service valued the uniqueness of all individuals. People had access to a wide range of activities which took account of their personal preferences and were tailored to their individual needs. Staff went to exceptional lengths to encourage people to identify an activity that would enhance their health and well-being. There were many examples of people’s lives being transformed through accessing activities. There was an extremely caring culture that ensured people’s privacy was protected and respected. Everyone spoke of the openness of the service and without exception, people felt valued and listened to.”

Style Acre provides dedicated teams which support 95 people with learning disabilities, enabling them to live with their peers in 36 homes around Oxfordshire.

Director of Operations, Ben Lanes says: “I am absolutely delighted that the supported living service has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ overall, and ‘Outstanding’ in four out of five areas by the Care Quality Commission. This is an amazing achievement. The inspection team had to extend the inspection to see all the great work that has been done. I could not be prouder.”


Congratulations to everyone at Style Acre- well-deserved!


My daughter is supported by Style Acre who are extremely caring, sensiive and creative in the way they provide support.
After a disastrous and very unhappy experience from a major service provider moving to Style Acre has enabled her to feel safe, happy and enjoy her life once again along with the many opportunities on offer.
It took five years to achieve this.
As a parent imagine the relief to see her happiness, now for us and her family.
They promised this would be 100 times better than the previous provider and they really are.
They have have listened to her and family not just talking about person centred planning but it actually happens.
Not just ticked boxes left to gather dust on a shelf somewhere.
But truly being a part of their community with a wide range of activities and real choice within that community.
People housed in real homes that are clean well supported well furnished and are a real home from home, no flash housing associations not doing their job and failing to maintain properties.
Invariably I visit each week maybe on a Sunday as I say good by and give her a hug she is keen to join others for Sunday dinner.
When I leave I feel a real rush of relief and happiness and I think “yes” this feels right her housemates are about to gather around a table to eat and the smell of a roast is dinner wafting from the building.
Maybe some games or watching a film later feels like a real family coming together but only if they want to.
No skimping on support either or week end agency cover.
The previous provider treated so badly I was afraid to mention when things were bad and was made to feel a trouble maker this was a terrible experience.
Now if she has a problem we discuss and find a way to resolve it.
Style Acre are totally committed to the people they support it’s not just words on a web page other providers could learn so much from them.
Thank you for enabling her to finally live the happy fulfiled life she chooses and thanks to all the amazing staff that are so keen to go the extra mile.
She finally has the happiness she deserves thanks to you.

Thank you for taking the time to send this post in response to the news about Style Acre.It is good to know that this has been your experience, as it is a massive reassurance to families who are thinking about planning for their relative’s future.

I am sure Style Acre will also be pleased to hear your feedback.

Hi there

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are so pleased that your experiences reinforce the comments of the report and that your daughter is having such a positive time at her house. The link to the full report can be found at:

Best wishes