I am manager and founder of Let's Go!-Oxon base in Marton between Oxford and Bicester. We provide social and leisure activities to adults age 16 and older with Autism and Learning Disabilities.

I have 20 years of expereince and counting and had speech impairment when I was child and in 2009 found out I was dyslexic which I already knew but had the test done anyhow.

In 1995 I was sport coach at KEEN and after I left school decided that I wanted to help others and so done care work in range of settings from suppporting living, play work, education and now running my own disability company.

I found it hard at first to get paid work and there was lots of jobs I didn't want and so I really only done care work and love it so much I have never done anything else. It goes without saying that I excel my teacher expectations and achieve my goals.

In 2004 I done coaching course and become personal coach helping others to excel and achieve their goals. I have use my coaching skills in work place and have helped adults with Asperger and mild learning disabilities.

So I have achieve a lot in my eyes and so no matter person disability we must alreadys look at the person ability and what they can do instead of what they can't do.

Very passionate about disability issues and making sure that people are being treated fairy in all areas of life.