£2.5m government grant could help expand Bardwell School in Bicester and John Watson School in Wheatley

It could be good. However, this was done to my sons previously underfunded tiny SEN school which was also the time of Bardwell at the time. It became a huge 3 story school with basket ball courts and won loads of awards. What they didn’t mention was the scores and scores of temporary staff they had to bring in each day to get it up and running…or the way th r complete lack of intimacy affected those children who need a whiter environment like my son did with his autism. In the end he was school refusing every morning. Hopefully Bardwell won’t make the same mistakes. Hopefully along with the infusion of money they will also think carefully about issues such as acoustics and the possibility of putting in ‘green rooms’ for those children whose sensory overload issues won’t easily accommodate the ‘upgrade’.

I have to ask: is the infusion of money really entirely for the long-term benefit of the students or for the benefit of the education authority? I would love to see a detailed account of the process which informed this decision. I think parents and parent governors and carers of those with special needs should be informed of the entire process including the research which went into this decision.

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