A Different World Festival

A Different World Festival is a unique Indie/rock festival for young people and adults with any additional need. This will be held on the 6th August 2016 in Reading at Abbey Rugby Club. Our aim is to create a mini Reading festival for those that cannot access the real thing. Like Reading there will be stalls, entertainment for the day, bars, food court and of course music. We now have 11 fantastic acts waiting to entertain you with a mixture of styles from indie, folk rock, rock and acoustic rock to re-create that Reading sound.
The day will be structured to meet the audiences needs there will be no flashing lights (though there will be some soft lighting), no pyrotechnics and the music will be loud enough to hear but not uncomfortably loud. A limited number of tickets will be available (up to 1000) in order to give the audience space to move and feel comfortable in their surroundings . Please check out the rest of the website. http://www.adifferentworldfestival.co.uk/