Are there any safe places in Oxford City being introduced?

I am a mother of a 18 year boy who has autism and learning difficulties. As my son is takings trips on his own to Oxford City I wanted to know whether there are plans for “Safe Places” in Oxford.

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Hi - I run the West Ox Safe Places Scheme - Oxford City as yet does not have a dedicated volunteer so does not have as many places signed up. If you check out the following link however you will be able to see which places within Oxford City have been signed up. This map is continually updated when a new place signs up.

Hi, we are looking to work with others to get the scheme rolled out there too. KAWL is right, we are working on getting people in Oxford who can help work with us there, both from the statutory services and volunteers.There are some set up in Cowley Rd and Templar Square and also Waitrose at Headington and Botley Rd.Genesis Care, a private health centre on the edge of an industrial estate at has also offered to be a Safe Place.They are in Sandy Lane West.The manager there has worked with Safe Places in Reading previously.
We are exploring ways to build capacity in Oxford.Also, if your son downloads the Safe Places App on his phone, it will show him where the Safe Places are set up in Oxfordshire and nationally.

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