Art space needed

Does anyone know of an affordable art space near Oxford City, where a gentleman with a learning disability can paint and store his work? It doesn’t have to be a big space as he wants to keep the costs as low as possible.


On our Facebook page there has been a suggestion of the ArkT Centre in Cowley.

Here is an extract from their website:

The Ark T Centre is a registered charity and a community of people and artists from different disciplines and backgrounds working together committed to creating space for the arts.

It is committed to creating space for artists to develop their own vocation in a liberating environment that encourages mutual collaboration, understanding and involvement in the local and wider community.

It is dedicated to creating and transforming space for people of different age, gender, culture and tradition to express themselves through the arts in order to discover new things about themselves and other people.

Studio space is given to a group of artists and in return for their studio space the artists help to develop the vision of the Centre, enabling others to explore the Arts and their own creative skills.

Their contact details can be found here: