Autism Family Support Easter Newsletter and activities

Attached is Autism Family Support’s latest newsletter with news of their Easter Activities, as well as other activities in and around Oxfordshire (see last page):

2017 Easter Newsletter.pdf (1.1 MB)

The deadline for applications for their Easter Activities Programme is Friday 17th March - this is the application form:

2017 Easter Application Form.docx (73.2 KB)

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for this Easter Newsletter. I have this information and I would like to share about ASD and PECs from this resource pack, available from the website:

Kind Regards,

Mercedes A. Caballero

Thanks for this very useful resource that will be a big help to many families.

Hi everyone,

I would like to share this link because you can do online free courses and gain a lot of knowledge about autism.”

I hope it can help people.

Kind Regards,


Thanks for very helpful information, Mercedes.