Autism Oxford UK Winner of the award for ‘Most Supportive Employer’

On Tuesday March 1st 2016, at the National Autistic Society Professional Awards Dinner in Telford, Shropshire, Autism Oxford UK was announced as the winner of the award for ‘Most Supportive Employer’.

Kathy Erangey, Founder and Director of Autism Oxford UK, says: “I was delighted to accept this award on behalf of our Team. We all work hard together to make a difference for autistic people, and to be recognised in this way is truly uplifting! It’s such an honour to win this award, and I’m very proud of our team – autistic and neuro-typical people working collaboratively, each using their best skills – a winning combination!

It’s a pleasure to work with our autistic colleagues and we are very proud that they choose to be part of the team. Everyday is a challenge for autistic people going out into the world. This award validates all the efforts made to overcome those challenges in a bid to raise awareness of the realities of living with autism.

To all of our nominators, our autistic and neuro-typical Team members and our volunteers and supporters: please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you do to make our Team and its work such a success.”

Many congratulations for all the hard work and for the achievements of your organisation! It was so well-deserved!