benefits after college

I wonder if anyone can help, my son who has autism and is presently at college receives PIP.
I wanted to know after he leaves college will he be entitled to any other benefits as it is unlikely he will be able to work. I will be also be forced to give up some of my hours work, as he cannot be left for long periods of time.
Thank you

Hi Monica, in addition t the PIP your son can apply for benefits if he is unable to work.
He may have to undergo an assessment to see if he is capable of work or not.

You can follow this link from Disability Rights UK to their many fact sheets that will explain what he is entitled to,

They also produce a Disability Rights Handbook every year which gives comprehensive information on all benefits and the rates that should be paid, It costs £35 but is a very detailed guide to all benefits.
Locally, Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s can also offer advice.If you log onto the Disability Rights UK website, they can help identify your nearest CAB ofice.

So it is likely that your son will be eligible for additional funding if he is not capable of work.
My son is in a similar situation and he is in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance.
Some new applicants for benefits are put onto Universal Credit, so it is important that you seek advice.The fact sheets on Disability Rights UK are very comprehensive so you should get a good idea of what to do after going through their site.

Do come back if you have more questions.

Hi Monica - if he is not already on ESA (Employment Support Allowance) then he can apply for Universal Credit which has to be done on line - it’s a lengthy process - my daughter is on it and we had lots of issues but have got there in the end - if you need some help let me know. I can be contacted through Oxfordshire Family Support Network - hope that helps - Kathy Liddell

Thank you so much for the information.