Brendan, an introduction

Hi I’m Brendan
My son is an adult (31) with autism and other learning difficulties. We have lived in West Oxfordshire for many years and we have been involved with lots of social care, schooling and adult provision etc. I built a house for my son attached to my own where he now receives care from a care provider with mine and my ex-wife’s help. He has been in house 7 years now and before that lived between us. He has made great progress with a consistent care team and a stable base, his home. I have joined to learn more of what is currently available in the area as we find keeping a provider on board in Oxfordshire very difficult, our current provider who have been excellent has just given notice that they can no longer support us. We will be looking for another provider or I am interested in trying to put a service together myself if I can find the right team leader/manager for the role.

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I manage a DP myself for my sons 24/07 support and employ all staff directly, it is a full time job and more.
We are currently trying to set up some joint work with a provider for mutual support. My staff team are fantasic but huge workload as an individual managing all the finances, HR and care planning. I have just employed a previous member of team has set up own business to help me with the management / staff supervision and bespoke training for new staff for future plan to move to home of his own.

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Dear Frannie

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I can imagine the work load is full time. Time I admit I don’t have. Ideally, I would prefer a good local provider, but I need one that can commit to the task! The only way I can see myself doing it is to employ and experienced manager/team leader that can be the main point of call and lead the service. My company can deal with payroll, which is a help. We have a couple of staff that would stay on when the current service leaves. As you say it’s a big undertaking.


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Hi Brendan - Im not sure who your previous support provider was but you could try contacting The ICE Centre or Independent Futures both who are West Oxfordshire based support providers. Contact details for ICE are 01993 846240. Independent Futures are 07590 218688.

Many thanks Kawl.

I’m aware of ICE and will look into the other plus Kingswood.


Hi Brendan,

I’m the person Frannie mentioned in her post, supervising her team, developing bespoke training and liaising with the MDT. I’d be happy to have a conversation about your needs and see if there’s some way my organization can support you and your son. Just let me know if you’d be happy for me to give you a call.

Best wishes,


Hi Adam
Thank you for your message. Yes I would be happy for you to contact me.