Can the dark ages return?

I wasn’t sure what title to give this post to tell you the truth but bear with me…

I was in a conversation yesterday and a story from several years ago came to mind. I described the event and I found it was still emotionally difficult to talk about - even though it has been several years. Because of this I felt I would like to share it.

On a work team day we were watching an old television documentary about the awful long-stay hospitals. Afterwards a colleague who has a mild learning disability said to me - ‘you know, Rob, even after all these years there’s still not a day goes by when me and my friends don’t wake up and worry that we are going to be put back in those places.’

I share this because it has such resonance especially during this time of chronic financial uncertainty and the fact that the feelings invoked by my colleague still provoke feelings of humility and profound sadness.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.