Can you help Learning Disability England's Survey on DNA CPR - URGENT

We keep hearing about Do Not Resusitate (DNR) notices being put on people without them knowing.

We are asking our members if they know of this happening.

We want to know examples or if this is happening so we can try to work together to stop it

There are 2 ways to tell us what you know

  1. If you are an organisation member please fill in this short survey

  1. If you are an individual member please contact us if you have an experience or examples of this happening to you or someone you know

Please send us examples to before 30th April if you can

Campaign on DNR led by Dudley Voices for Choice \ 100x16

Do Not Resusuitate (DNR) notices - not in my best interest Thunderclap on social media

Dudley Voices for Choice are asking people to join in an action on Friday 1st May at 11am

They want people to post on social media with this statement

It is not acceptable to put a DNR on a

person’s medical record without talking to

the person and their trusted persons first.

Disability is not a reason for a DNR. We need

a legal framework to stop inequality in

healthcare. Every life matters.

thisisnotinmybestinterest #Article29DNR

You can read more about the campaign in this link here