Carer support group


Are there any parent/ carer support groups in Oxfordshire? I’m struggling with the transition from school to college and my daughter has only been offered 3 days a week at college. I attended a transition workshop a couple of years ago and would value any pointers to resources etc Thanks


What part of Oxfordshire do you live in- don’t need your address, just nearest town would be great.


Kidlington, Thanks,
Best wishes Kathleen


How old is your daughter and are you having direct payments to cover activities for the rest of the week? What does her EHCP say?
Yes, there is help through OXfsn


Hi Jo
She is 18 and no we are still on the old dla, yet to transfer to PIP
The EHC is vague and says attend college, but we’ve only just found out it’s three days a week. That wasn’t described at the last EHC meeting
Thanks very much
Best wishes Kathleen


Kathleen - have you tried contacting OxFSN. They are a small charity run by family carers who offer advice and support. The contact details are
Mobile:07891 734 987