Carers and Parents -Do you want to take part in International Research on the Impact of Covid 19 on Your Family Members with Learning Disabilities

Message sent to researchers in the UK, asking that this research project is shared with families:

Dear colleagues

These are challenging times for us all – also and particularly for people with special needs and their families. It is precisely in times like these that such vulnerable groups must not be neglected, and that special attention must be paid to the impact of the crisis on their lives. This is the reason why we, an international collaboration of researchers, have joined forces to investigate how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its political, social and economic repercussions are impacting on these individuals and their families. We aim to contribute to a better understanding of their experiences and influence the design of future interventions to improve their quality of life.

To this end, we have created an online questionnaire aimed at the parents or caregivers of individuals with special needs (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, Williams syndrome, Down syndrome, and those with other intellectual disabilities) that can be filled out conveniently from home in about 30 minutes.

You will find a flyer with further information about our study attached.

We would be very grateful if you would forward the information about this research project to potentially interested parties. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via this e-mail address

We remain with best regards and best wishes for your health,

Link to the project:

Principal investigators of this project:

Prof. Andrea Samson & Dr. Daniel Dukes, chEERS Lab, University of Fribourg and Swiss Distance University Institute, Switzerland

Dr. Jo Van Herwegen, UCL Institute of Education, London, UK

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