CBF survey on over-medication of people with learning disabilities

SURVEY - Stop the Over Medication of People with a Learning Disability
The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) is working with NHS England (NHSE) as part of the Stop the Over Medication of People with a Learning Disability (STOMPwLD 2016) project.

There is a long history of over medicating people who have a learning disability and/or autism. Following the Winterbourne View Scandal there was a renewed commitment to ensure that when medication is suggested and prescribed it is safe, appropriate, proportionate and in partnership with other interventions.

Part of this commitment includes involving family carers in any decisions about the use of medication for their relative.

We are looking for family carers with a relative (child or adult) who has a learning disability and/or autism, to share their views and experience so we can record what currently works well and what needs to improve.

You can do this by filling in a survey. The survey can be filled in online (www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WDYSSJ8), over the telephone (01634 838739), or by post (please telephone 01634 838739 to request a postal version). Alternatively, you can summarise your views and experiences in an email, and send it to audrey.giles@thecbf.org.uk.

Survey closes 31st August

We would like to capture a broad range of views and experience so please do share information about this project with other families you may know. We are also keen to hear from families who have no/limited experience of the use of medication; we still want you to participate by telling us what you would expect.

For further information please visit: www.england.nhs.uk/2015/07/urgent-pledge, or email: audrey.giles@thecbf.org.uk

Thank you.