Co- Production Event with Oxfordshire County Council

Invitation to participate in a co-production project

Adult Social Care Assessment - Making it happen group

We are looking to bring together a group of people who may have participated in or had their own social care needs assessment from Adult Social Care, and would like to get involved in helping us improve our assessment tool to support strength based practice.

The plan : overview of the goal and what is hoped to achieve, so you can see what impact there might be in changing something for the better.

We want to change our current assessment tool for the better, to promote strength-based person-centred outcomes. To enable us to achieve this successfully, we want the residents of Oxfordshire to be involved so that they can share their views and experiences.

We want to make the assessment more strengths-based, making sure we find out what’s important to that individual and how they want to live their life whilst identifying what support needs they may have. The layout and language used within the assessment tool will also be looked at and discussed during these sessions, as these are important factors too.

Involvement : roughly what the commitment will be in hours, location and format (workshops etc) so you can assess right away if you feel able to commit.

We would like to bring a group of people together in a workshop format where we can all work together and discuss the form in detail. There will be professional support at the sessions, guiding you through each part, making sure all aspects are covered and discussed.

At the moment we envisage two sessions being needed, allowing 3 hours for each session. The first session will be an initial discussion and ideas exchange and the second session will be to show you what your ideas and changes may look like as well as listing any other small amendments you would like to raise.

It may be that as a group, we feel that the second session is not needed or the length of time needed can be shortened, this will be a group decision. If we feel that more sessions are needed, then as a group we can decide on this when we come together.

Accessibility : overview of ways that people can get involved.

If you would like to get involved and are unable to attend the group sessions that we arrange due to the date, time or other reason, please contact Marcia Bowden, Service Improvement Officer, either by email ( or via mobile 07785762259 to discuss in more detail as an alternative solution may be possible.

The venue for the first session is County Hall in the centre of Oxford. There is parking nearby (within walking distance). If you require information about where this care parks are, please contact Marcia directly. If you require a disabled space to be reserved, please contact Marcia directly and she will arrange this (although please be aware these spaces are limited).

We will not be providing lunch during the sessions, but we will be providing hot and cold drinks and a selection of snacks to keep us all going. If you wish to bring your lunch with you, then feel free as this will be a very relaxed session so that everyone feels comfortable.

Recognition : the budget to pay experts by experience under our policy.

Any expenses you may have in order to take part in the session(s), for example bus tickets or parking charges, will be covered by Oxfordshire County Council. Forms will be given out on the day for you to complete.

How will information be used:

All input is kept confidential and anonymised. We will ask you to confirm if you consent to images or other being used and will not do so without.

Description of what will happen with the input you contribute, so you can ensure confidentiality and anonymity even if collated information gets publicly shared at some point, for example.

Your ideas and thoughts will be taken away from each session and looked into. The amendments and ideas that we can take forward will be put into action and then we will demonstrate them to you in the following session.

All suggestions will be kept anonymous when sharing them with others, but Marcia may ask for you to record your name against any of your suggestions, just so that she knows who to come back to if further information is needed from you.

Contact : who is the main contact if you want to get involved, and how to make contact.

The main contact for this project is Marcia Bowden, Service Improvement Officer. You can contact Marcia via email, or by mobile 07785762259 with any questions you may have.

Dates : when the project will start and end, and the deadline to apply.

We have an over-all project end date of the end of the year (December 2019).

The date for this session we are asking you to take part in is the 11th October at County Hall, 10am until 1pm.

The second session (should it be needed) will get booked in for a few weeks after the first session, giving us time to make the changes before we bring you all back together. The date of the second session can be decided when we all come together for the first session.