Connect 4 service from Synolos CIC - Witney

Dear wonderful LDOX Community!

Synolos CIC is ready to launch Step 1 of Connect 4 and we are hoping to reach out to young people, families, organisations, professionals, and anyone else who might find our new service beneficial.

Step 1, Outreach Support from Connect 4 (Synolos) is ready for launch – enquiries and referrals are being taken now

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What is Connect 4?
Connect 4 is a new service created by Synolos CIC to support specifically young autistic people, aged 16 – 30 years living in West Oxfordshire who are currently not accessing education, training or employment.

Connect 4 consists of a 4-step pathway developed to support young people facing challenges that prevent them excelling themselves and living a fulfilling and rewarding life. Connect 4 recognises that each individual requires differentiated support to help them reach their goals and aspirations, and to help them on the pathway to success.
Each young person accessing the service will be supported by a team of professionals who have experience and knowledge of supporting young autistic people.

Step 1 – Outreach Support
Synolos has a team of specialist support staff trained to provide 1:1 support for young people who may have become disengaged with other support services. Connect 4 is able to provide bespoke 1:1 outreach support to support the young person in a range of ways -

-Signposting to other supportive organisations
-Provide an enabling service (supporting the young on a 1:1 basis in an external day service, group or activity.
-Support the young person to access and participate in local hobbies and interests (horse riding, pottery classes, etc).
-Inhouse learning disability & autism mental health practitioner to provide continual support training to outreach staff
-Ability to create and implement Positive Support Plans and Zones of Regulation individualised plans
-Work together to develop strategies and skills in order to facilitate the young person with their independence, i.e., travel training, develop and promote better routines, etc.
-Develop individualised plans to meet the aspirations of the young person, and use a range of tools and resources to help achieve these goals. Tools and resources might include visual timetables, access and support to self-development tools.

Outreach support workers will learn and understand the history of the young person and identify current challenges and alternative means of support by working alongside the young person, their families and other supporting professionals.

Step 1 is the ideal starting point for young people who have disengaged from the outside world and finding it personally challenging to communicate with external support professionals or agencies.

Connect 4 has a designated waiting list for clients and the waiting time will depend on the level of support required by the young person. Young people will be matched to an Outreach support worker based on their skills and qualifications (& personality) of the young person’s needs, aspirations and requirements.

Please contact me, Kelly Gough at or for more information or to request a referral form.

Please also feel free to forward and share this information widely.