County consultation on proposed changes to adult social care contributions policy

County consultation on proposed changes to adult social care contributions policy



Oxfordshire County Council is to hold a consultation on its adult social care contributions policy.

This policy explains how the council assesses how much a person has to pay towards the cost of their care.


The proposed changes in policy may affect the amount a person is expected to contribute.

You have until 20 March 2018 to take part in this consultation and you can do so by completing the attached questionnaire and returning to the freepost address (on the last page of the questionnaire) or completing it online at where there is additional information, together with Easy Read versions of the documents.

Why is the council proposing to change the policy?

Oxfordshire County Council has reviewed the policy and believes it has identified ways of making the policy fairer, more transparent and more in-line with national guidance. It wants to ensure that everyone’s contribution is assessed in the same way through an open, easy-to-understand assessment process. The council will continue to ensure that, in line with national guidance, people have enough income to meet their living costs and that it will consider any factors that are specific to them.

You can read more detailed information about the changes in the attached consultation summary document below.

Contributions Policy Consultation Questionnaire FINAL 120118

Contributions Policy Consultation summary FINAL 120118

What happens next?

Following the consultation, a report will be issued which summarises the findings. A final decision on any policy changes is expected to be made in May 2018.

If, once a decision has been made, this affects the person’s assessed contribution, the council will write to those affected to explain any changes. Any resulting changes to assessed contributions will not come into effect until September 2018 at the earliest and a reassessment will be offered if a person disagrees with their assessed contribution.

For more details, please telephone – 01865 896440.

You can also print the questionnaire and send it to:

Contributions Policy Consultation
Engagement Team – 3rd Floor
Oxfordshire County Council