Crowd Funding for Autism Training at Home

Hello everyone
I am part of a group of parents who have launched a crowdfunding campaign with CrowdJustice.
We are seeking funding to cover the costs of legal advice and guidance to take our kids’ cases to SEN tribunals to get social communication home programmes funded via our children’s Education, Health and Care plans.
If we are successful, this will be a ground-breaking step forward in autism education. This is the link to the donation page: Please donate if you can!

These social communication programmes help our kids to develop or improve their flexible thinking and emotional regulation - things that non-autistic kids develop instinctively during interaction with their parents as part of growing up. Because this instinctive development doesn’t happen for autistic kids, they go on to have difficulties understanding emotions, understanding other people, managing and enjoying uncertainty and unpredictability. Social communication home programmes will give our kids another chance to master these developmental milestones and consequently to have happier lives.
Please give if you can - even the smallest amount will help - and tell your friends about the campaign or even better, write your own personal email message to them letting them know why you feel this is important (don’t forget to include the link to the donations page :-))

If you are on facebook, the appeal can be picked up and shared from my page. If you are on twitter, look for me @notnigellajamie and re-tweet my appeal tweets. Any and all help getting the message out and recruiting donors is greatly appreciated.
Zoe x