Education, Health and Care Plans - Lets help to get it right in Oxfordshire


Your experience is invaluable – Providers can learn from your experience to improve the support and services they offer to your families – Lets help to get it right in Oxfordshire.

Are you a parent/carer of a child and/or a young person aged 19-25 who has recently got an EHC Plan?

Yes - share your experience of the process, the assessment, support etc… that you received?

You won’t be on your own - there will be a group meeting to be held in October or November. Sorry not to be able to be more definite. If you are interested in joining us please email Michelle with your name and contact details and details of the child/young person concerned their age and needs and any days/times which should be avoided for you and we will try our best to plan around your availability.

If you have a question or need to speak to someone Ring Michelle on 01235 849470
or email