Educational Psychologist needed

Can anyone please recmmend one? Needs to be educational not clinical. I know where to look to find one, but am after a word of mouth recommendation of someone that was good/quick. Thanks.

Hi @YummyMummy

A friend has mentioned the Oxford ADHD & Autism Centre as a place that might be able to help.

Also, Autism Family Support Oxfordshire might be able to recommend someone.

The Oxfordshire Family Support Network oozes lots of local knowledge from family members might know of someone. Here is their website:

A few other contacts, that might be of use:

Thanks Neil. I’ve tried some of these already but will try IPSEA. I was really after a personal recomomendation from a parent if possible, an expert Ed Psych they have used and - if possible - who has given evidence for them at a tribunal.

Please let us know how you get on with IPSEA.

You may find a recommendation if you ask in the following Facebook group

Thank you. I’ve struck lucky elsewhere but IPSEA’s website is really informative.

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That’s great news!

When everything comes to a conclusion, if you’re happy to recommend the educational psychologist you’ve worked with please do let us know their name/contact details in this thread.

Good luck!

Will do. Thanks for your help.