Fairer Charging costs- is it clear? Is it fair?

Hello, I would like to know if people feel that they are clear about the new charges that they are being asked to pay for community care services they recieve at present as most people are being charged more for services this year.
Are you clear about how you were charged - do the rules seem clear to you?
If you are receiving High Rate DLA because you are supporting someone at home overnight, have you been charged more?
Are you being charged for receiving higher rate DLA even if you do not have any over night services?
If anyone is in that situation, please can they respond to this mail as I would like to hear of peoples’s experiences to see if we need clearer information for people with learning disabilities and their families?
Also, were you consulted in any way about how charges would be increased?
Please feel free to reply anonymously.

How much are the new charges? How are they collected?

our charges have gone up due to over night bit, am not happy and not paying it at the moment we do get night services 2 over nights a month,i do the rest so feel cost need to be shared,feel the thing is wrong when you are a parent careing at home