Focus Groups On Learning Disability Services October 11th Slade House 10am till 12-30pm and Abell House 7-pm till 8-30pm

Invitation to take part in the development of county wide feedback on experiences people with a learning disability have when using services.
We would like your help is developing a new approach to collecting feedback that will be shared by organisations across the county. The difference with this project is that Oxfordshire Family Support Network, Autism Oxford, My Life My Choice, Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Oxfordshire County Council are working together to develop one, all age approach to collecting feedback that will be used across organisations with a commitment to share how this is being used in the development and improvement of services.

In order to make sure the right information is being collected, we need your help in deciding

  • What themes need be included in the feedback that will lead to real changes in experiences
  • How to collect feedback
  • When to collect feedback

Invitation to focus groups Final Version.docx (18.3 KB)