Free bespoke equipment design service for families

The Cerebra Innovation Centre is a small team offering a bespoke product design service for families. Although some equipment is available to buy, it often doesn’t look very nice or suit the requirements of some children. They develop logical, innovative and, above all, fun solutions. Their designs aim to reduce some of the social stigma attached to disabilities by making not only functional but also beautiful products. Some of their products are ‘one-off’ bespoke designs, others are made in small batches and some are designed with the commercial market in mind. To find out more, visit

All of their designs are in response to direct requests from parents and carers who are struggling to find the piece of equipment that would make their child’s life easier, more inclusive and more fun. These are made free of charge for families.

If you would like to challenge the team to find a solution to your problem please get in touch with them. Or if you would like to get involved and support the Innovation Centre’s work in any way they would love to hear from you.

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