Fundraising to provide Autism-specific IT Training to Young People in Oxfordshire

Switch IT has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed to hire a ‘classroom’ in which to provide Comptia A+ training to young people with Autism. The local DWP has stated they have 4-5 young people who may be suitable candidates for the training and work experience programme, but that they cannot fund their training.

As a start-up company, Switch IT ( is not yet in a position to cover the costs itself, but will provide free training for these young people if suitable premises can be secured.

Please support the fundraising campaign by promoting it on social media and donating if you are able.

Hi Jill, that sounds fascinating. I’m new to the crowdsourcing way of funding.

Good luck with your initiative.

Please keep us posted about the development of this work.

Hi Jill , sorry could not make the link work to the crowd funding site.

It looks like the campaign may be over. They have 30 days to run a crowdfunding campaign on Justgiving. Hopefully @JillAtSwitch will be able to let us know! It would be great to get an update.

Thanks Neil for the feedback.

Best Wishes,


Unfortunately, we did not raise the funds needed to rent a classroom. We will keep pushing and try to find a way to get this up and running!

Thank you for all your support.