Guideposts wins tender for The Albion Centre services for people with Learning Disabilities in Chipping Norton

Oxfordshire charity Guideposts Trust has been successful in their bid to manage the services for people with Learning Disabilities at The Albion Centre in Chipping Norton, and is delivering the service from 2 August 2021. This adds to Guideposts’ popular services in Witney, Stroud (Gloucestershire) and Ware (Hertfordshire) where they run similar day services with a strong emphasis on skills development and integration in the community.

The Albion Centre has been a centre for people with learning disabilities in central Chipping Norton for many years. It has several rooms suitable for different activities including a library for quiet reading and sensory sessions, spaces for arts and crafts, and also a workshop for wood crafts, painting, kindling, garden plants, furniture repair and upcycling projects which are sold locally.

Further activities are life-skills based and can include household skills such as cooking, cleaning and laundry, using computers and IT, travel training, and exercise. Contributors are welcomed from local businesses and individuals to share their skills and interests, and contribute to the range of activities on offer.

Members of the service choose the activities they would like to do, to suit their interests and ambitions while supporting their health and wellbeing. Each person sets goals for themselves, and aspirations are for members to work towards taking on volunteer roles or employment where possible.

Guideposts will continue to support the current regular members of the service, and work with the existing staff team at The Albion, taking on their employment under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) regulations.

Matt Jones, CEO of Guideposts Trust, said “We extend a very warm welcome to the team and service members at The Albion Centre. It is really exciting to add to the Guideposts community. The team at The Albion have similar values to our existing Guideposts services - they also care passionately about maximising the potential of those they support - and we look forward to bringing our activities together.”

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