Hello from a newbie

I’m here to try and find ways to help my sons, one to find employment (very hard as employers are still anti supporting adults who have extra needs despite what they claim) also getting support at college which is hard work too… Looking forward to listening and learning from you all :blush:

Hello and good to hear from you.

I don’t know if you have looked at the Directory on the forum.That may give you some useful links.

You might find the “Moving Into Adulthood” guides on the www.oxfsn.org.uk website some help

Mencap run and employment support scheme in the county and so long as someone is deemed eligible for adult social care support, they can work with people to find employment opportunities.

Yellow Submarine run an apprenticeship scheme as well in their cafe in Oxford and a new base has been opened in Witney, though you would have to ask if they have any vacancies at present on these schemes.

Maybe other forum members can also suggest possible signposting to employment advice and opportunities.