Hello I'll introduce myself

I joined some time ago while I was working full time at a Hospice for young Adults in Oxford I had worked there for 12 and a half years until I was made redundant when it sadly closed three years ago, Afterwards I got re-hired by the same company to work in their Children’s Hospice, I have worked in the Caring Profession for 30 years or so, I was Diagnosed at age 48 (2 years ago) with Autistic Spectrum Condition which for me answered a lot of questions about why I struggled in some areas yet had always battled on as best as I possibly could, Thankfully I’ve been lucky being employed throughout my Adult Working Life, I was struggling a bit at the Children’s Hospice so I asked for Adjustments which they made by changing my role just before Covid-19 Pandemic then I was furloughed, Redundant again due to restructure now unemployed since 30th of April 2021.

I’m able to offer An Online Music Sessions Service for Young and older Adults via Zoom or similar platform for folks who may be Autistic with or without a Learning disability.
Let me know if there is any interest?
Thanks for reading.

Hi @SarahGuitar

It’s good to hear your story. It sounds as if you have many skills which would be helpful to a wide range of organisations in the field of supporting people with learning disabilities.

Are you aware of Soundabout, which is in Oxford and The Music Club, which is in South Oxfordshire?

Please feel free to post about any of your online music sessions in the LDOX.Org events section.

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Hi Neil
Thanks, I do know Soundabout very well form many years ago plus more recently I joined their Oxford Branch of The Inclusive Choir, I have attended some of their Music Practitioner’s Training
a couple of years ago which was useful, I did apply for a Job but because I’d used the term “Complex Needs” Instead of “PMLD” They didn’t feel I’d had enough experience never mind, As for The Music Club I have not heard of them I shall have to have a look.
I won’t be able to post any Music Sessions’s until I have Customers Permission, I also need customers.
Probably for now I need to either find a Job or be a Freelance Carer.

Good luck with the job hunt.