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I am a carer and CSW for a Deaf man with learning difficulties and other additional needs. I am looking for various events and activities that we can do together during the day. I had noticed the post of the Drop in Sessions in Bicester however the email for Michelle is not working. Are these still happening? If not, does anyone know about exercise and drama sessions that are taking place in Oxfordshire that are for people with LD? Thanks for your help and advice.

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Thanks for your mail, Simon and welcome to the Forum. I shall check that out for you and will see what else might be going on. Do look through the site as there are other organisations doing things in your area as well. Anjali run dance sessions, which may offer opportunities for exercise.
If you look on the Directory and Events tabs you can find some of the organisations that operate in Oxfordshire.
Oxford City Casuals might also be a good point of contact as they run football sessions for people with learning disabilities.
OxRAD in Oxford run sporting activities too, and there is KEEN which operates in Oxford, offering sporting opportunities.
I have sent a message through to Go4It so hopefully will get an answer soon. It seemed to send OK on their general contact page.
If anyone on the forum has suggestions of activities in and around the Bicester area to help Simon and the person he supports, please do get in touch.

Hi Simon, welcome to the forum!

You might be interested in this inclusive sports directory from the Oxfordshire Sport & Physical Activity website:

oxfordshire-inclusive-sport-directory.pdf (374.4 KB)

Regarding drama sessions, I came across this: http://openstagearts.co.uk - although it may be too far away as it’s in Rose Hill, Oxford. Maybe someone else might have other suggestions!