Hello looking for some advice

Hello I am new to this group, I am looking for information and support for my nine year old step son, who lives with his dad and me fulltime. He has moderate learning difficulties, behavioural issues currently awaiting autism and adhd assessment. He also has developmental delay. Looking for local groups near kidlington and yarnton for him to join an, also local places we could vist as a family thank you.

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Hello an welcome to the forum! We hope that you find it very useful.

Have you been to Thomley Hall at Worminghall as that has loads of space and lots to do for any child with additional needs.
They have a Facebook page so if you go onto Facebook, you should be able to find out what they are doing regularly.

There’s lots of information in the Directory section of this site, if you click on the blue section at the top.

Oxfordshire County Council also have information about the Local Offer of Information to families who have a child with special educationals needs at

There is also an ADHD support group in Oxon

Autism Family Support will also be able to offer you some helpful advice and support.They also run activities for children and young people.


Hope that might help- please come back if you need any more information

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