Hello! Son with new ASD diagnosis

I’ve just discovered this forum. My husband and I live in Oxford and our son aged 6 has been diagnosed with HFASD with Asperger’s and demand avoidance traits.

Weve just been told by his independent school that they cannot meet his needs and are now looking for a mainstream school (ideally close to Headington). It will need good SEN provision. We’d also be looking at the school for our daughter (no SEN) to start reception in September.

Any hints and tips how to help him would be gratefully received! We find the demand avoidance difficult. He can be physical at times. He also tends to have issues with low self esteem and anxiety.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Just wanted to check if you were linked up to Autism Family Support Oxfordshire

http://www.afso.org.uk/ as they can give information and support across the county.

The National Autistic Society also have a very helpful website and have people who can give advice on education issues.
They also have useful advice on demand avoidance.
There is a very helpful forum called the Special Needs Jungle, written by parents for parents, that you can join and it has a wealth of topics you can find on the site.

Both the NAS and Special Needs Jungle have tips about coping with Christmas too- very topical!
You can also get in touch with SENDIASS in Oxfordshire


They offer impartial advice on any matters to do with SEN and Disability and have independent parental supporters who can also assist. They can guide you through the challenges of getting the right support for your son.

Good luck with your search and I hope that your son will soon find the right support and also that your daughter will find a school she can settle in happily.

If you google search future learn. There are two excellent free online courses by people with Autism, one is called Understanding Autism which I have done and would highly recommend:

The other is to do with Autism and education. I have not done this one as I have only just discovered it:

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Thanks for that useful information.Is there a cost involved?

Course was about 13 hours.You have a 4 week time slot to complete it from date it’s avaiable, if you want to extend then I think there may be a cost

Thanks Fran. How much time per day did it take you?