Help for a young person with Aspergers and visual impairment

Hello, is there anyone out there who is DBS checked or who is willing to be DBS checked who may be interested in volunteering to support a young man who has visual impairment and is on the autistic spectrum to go to a live football match.It is a dream of his to go.He has never been to a live match.

He lives in a rural area and would like to get out more.He is also keen to be able to get out in the evenings as at present he can’t.

He would like to go to activities aimed at young people with Aspergers if anyone can signpost to those, especially anything to do with music and computers.

My son’s IT trainer/tutor is DBS checked and loves football and would like to talk to you about accompanying your son to a match - are you talking about a local Oxford United match? My son has Asperger’s too and the trainer worked at a special school for youngsters with Autism.

You can email him at

Hope that helps

Hi Jill, thanks for that amazing offer.

I will contact your colleague. I will check with the young person concerned -my impression was that a local match in Oxford would be great but will make sure that that is what he would like to do.