Hi can u please help

Hi can u please help me, just got a digonaise for our son of Autism

Hi and welcome to Ldox!

I think a number of our members have been in a similar situation.

Can you tell us a little bit about your situation and the help you’d like.

We’ll do our best to support you!

Hello, first just wanted to say that you must have lots of worries and questions and it sounds like it has been a bit of a shock to you.

My son is on the autistic spectrum too and when he was little, it felt like a massive challenge to us to hear that word applied to our son.

I just wanted to say that I have learned that everyone with autism is unique and you will become the expert about your son and how he sees the world.

I also wanted to say that although my son has severe learning disabilities as well as autism, he has, as an adult, exceeded the expectations of all of us.He will always see the world in his own individual way, but we have learned how to understand him better and to support him.When he was 3 or 4, I never thought he would have such a positive future as he has now at 24.

Autism Family Support in Oxfordshire will be a great starting point to get in touch with autism experts who can help support you as a parent to support your son.

Tel 01844 338696

I also found it helpful to hear from adults with autism about how they saw the world- the way they hear, see and feel the world can be very different from us ordinary folks and beginning to understand that helped us to help our son a lot.

The world feels different to someone with autism.

Autism Oxford put on regular training events and have people with autism speaking about their lives.

Autism Family Support http://www.afso.org.uk/

Autism Oxford


I wish you well for the future- keep coming back with questions and we’ll do our best to help or to pass you on to someone who can.

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