Hi My name is Maggie and I run a social group for vulnerable and disabled people in Witney called D.I.T.T.O

The social group meets on the last Thursday of every month between 11am and 1pm in the Corn Exchange in Witney. The group is totally inclusive regardless of age and the group prides itself as being the only group of its kind in West Oxfordshire that offers co-support.
Rural isolation in West Oxfordshire is an issue in itself and is compounded when an individual is part of a minority group. By offering advocacy, information and support D.I.T.T.O offers the members the knowledge to make informed decisions ant the opportunity to escape from rural and social isolation. It supports the members to better integrate into the local community and to have a sense of belonging. The health and wellbeing of members is paramount to D.I.T.T.O and the meetings include activities to promote this such as various sports, arts and crafts as well as talks and workshops.
Most importantly of all we offer the chance to meet new people in a safe and fun environment.