Hi. New member!

I’m a new member with a little girl aged 6, with gdd, expressive and communicative language disorder and Learning difficulties.
We have found very little support around oxfordshire so I’m happy to stumble along this forum!

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Welcome to the forum @Nrogers35 It’s great that you’ve found us! :grinning:

There are over 400 members here now. We’ve all got our different experience, knowledge and networks which we can share to support each other.

The information section of the forum might be worth exploring. We are also building up a directory at: https://www.ldox.org/directory/.

Please don’t hesitate to ask or share anything!

Worth looking on Facebook for OXFSN (Oxford Family support network) A charity set up by parents lots of valuable info on there.

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Here’s the OXFSN website: www.oxfsn.org.uk