Hoping to arrange Banbury learners' and carers' get togethers

Hello - I’m a carer to a young woman who is wheelchair bound with learning disabilities. I’m looking for other people who might be interested in getting together in Banbury for informal activities such as craft sessions or wheelchair discos. At the moment, we are having fun meeting up with one other disabled lady and her carers in local cafes. This is working really well - the social aspect in particular, but there are limited places in town where we can meet to do our own activities. I wondered whether there would be enough people out there to pool resources and enable us to hire a room for an hour or two. As an example, we’ve been offered use of the meeting room at Banbury Museum for £15 per hour and we could bring in our own craft items. I expect there would be other town centre venues which would cost less and enable us to use our own materials/bring our own food. Of course, carers would be fully responsible for their charges, as they are in any other situation. I’m just thinking that, if enough people were interested, we could potentially enjoy, say, half a day of socialising and activities in a private space for about £2-3. Any thoughts and suggestions welcome. Thanks

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Hi Carolinew

Welcome to LDOX. Thanks for posting about this initiative. I’ll post a link to this thread on our Facebook page to hopefully reach out to more people who may be interested.

Best wishes