How do I? - Instructional videos linked to objects in homes and workplaces

How do I? is an app for mobile devices which links video content to objects in homes and workplaces.

From the Camden Society’s website: "How Do I? is an app which you download to your mobile phone. It uses near field communication (NFC) technology to deliver instructional videos via mobile, to help people learn the steps to complete different tasks independently. The user simply places their mobile phone over one of How Do I?’s stickers – which are positioned close to where they are working – and this triggers the instructional video to start.

Users click to progress to each step, working through the video at their own pace. The app has been helping people to complete tasks such as making a cup of coffee or packing food tins, without needing supervision.

How Do I? is designed to support people to live more independently. It was developed by two teachers working with young people with learning disabilities at Swiss Cottage School. Adapting the technology to support adults with learning disabilities is a natural step. The app is also being piloted elsewhere amongst older people, people with dementia, and as a support mechanism for standard workplace employer training where tasks are repetitive and easy to demonstrate."

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